Ok so you’ve done your research and you’ve decided you’d like to buy Wartamine and for good reason, it’s clear to see it’s the only all-natural product that has an effect on symptoms of genital warts.

The PROBLEM is that unless you know where you’re looking, you’re most likely going to end up either paying too much for the stuff OR worst case scenario get one of the ‘fake’ versions of the product…I know it sounds crazy but it’s something that happens on a daily occurrence.

I decided to speak to a few people on one of the more popular genital wart forums to see if I could find some places where others have been to buy Wartamine in the past and had problems, so I could list them down here for you guys.

Don’t Buy Wartamine From eBay!

One place where it was clear problems were arising was eBay. I spoke to a guy in the forum – dbigdog – who told me he bought a 2 month supply from eBay and upon receiving the package noticed that the packaging was quite clearly fake and sure enough so was the product itself.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen all the time, but by spending an extra $10 he could have purchased the real version of Wartamine from the official suppliers instead of going through the annoying exercise of disputing the payment in Paypal.

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Don’t Get Overcharged Via Third-Party Merchants

The next place worth mentioning to steer clear of are the third party merchant websites and offline health stores. Why? Because you’re always going to pay extra AND you won’t receive the money back guarantee…just in case.

A number of people in the forum told me that after they went to buy Wartamine from their local organic health store, they found out they ended up paying more then what they had to if they bought from the official supplier. THEN after contacting the supplier to find out if they could refund the extra amount they paid for Wartamine, they were told they couldn’t because the money back guarantee is only available for those who buy direct.

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I guess the moral of the story is that when you can, ALWAYS buy direct from the supplier. The price will be cheaper then buying from a third party store as they need to mark the product up in order to gain profit on their sales. And secondly buying from someone else if always going to be risky unless you KNOW FOR SURE that what you’re receiving is the actual product.

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